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Emma Johnston-Wheeler 

Hi, I'm Emma Johnston-Wheeler,  a Toronto based journalist, primarily covering local arts and culture. That being said, I have experience covering a vast array of subjects including municipal news, business, style,  mental health, relationships, internet trends, as well as marketing and advertising. I hold a bachelor of Journalism from Toronto Metropolitan University, with a minor in English literature.​ 


At present, I'm a full-time reporter at subscription-based marketing publication Campaign Canada, where I cover daily news in the industry and anchor The Message marketing podcast. Outside of this role, I continue to freelance as an arts and culture writer in Toronto. My work has previously been featured in publications like Flare Magazine, Style Canada, Toronto Guardian, BlogTO, Moneywise, and Yahoo. Presently I contribute consistently to Streets of Toronto, Toronto Life, and Range Magazine. 

I'm always open to accepting pitches that pertain to arts and culture in Toronto. Please reach out by email if you'd like to share a story idea with me!


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